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The word applique comes from the Latin, French words applicare and applique, which means to append, join, or apply. This method finds millennia back when individuals used to fix their torn garments and sew the piece of texture over the tore garments, which invigorate worn spaces of material or fixed openings.
Apply pieces have their edges, which are joined by any of the accompanying
Glossy silk Stitch.
Straight Stitch.

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That procedure additionally expands the existence of the texture. It gives the sly character, which you can find in blankets and covers that come from various societies and customs from everywhere in the world. Applique plans are intended for the being the ornamental stuff in apparel. In the vast majority of the spots, it’s utilized for sacks, shirts and surprisingly different things that are bound for the improvement stuff. Bird of prey Falcon Digitizing is an Applique Digitizing Company that gives free embroidery designs pes and vector design formats and free jef embroidery designs. For the individuals who  are as yet uninformed of what is applique weaving? It is a decorative kind of embroidery wherein little bits of a fix of texture or fabric in various shapes and examples get sewed to a base material as different pictures and plans. It regularly utilizes for enlivening pieces of clothing for an embroidery logo that is utilized in machines. Appliques are plan materials like strips, globule sequins, and strings. In another manner, applique is a different piece of mud that is added to the base fabric by embroidery logo and large for improvement.